50 thoughts on “VNC Ubuntu Remote Desktop Setup

  1. Thank you so much sir, this is the best video for anyone who is facing problem in connecting the VNC from windows to linux, nearly i scratched my head for 2 months by looking at all available websites to resolve, but i dint searched the issue in youTube. You made it so easy by posting this video here.. Thanks a ton

  2. Was hoping it would work, but got "Authentication Failure" after a couple of seconds with RealVNC viewer on Win7 viewing Ubuntu 15.10. If I blank out the password, it works with a blank password. Any ideas?

  3. Update on 10/26/16 @ 7:28 PM EST

    The dconf-editor keeps crashing on my Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu MATE 16.04. Hope to find another solution real soon.

    Thank you for sharing this video with us. I will follow the steps you shared on my Ubuntu 16.04 MATE install running on my Raspberry Pi 3. Hoping for the best.

  4. Just something I feel should be added to the video. The password is the one used to login to the pc you want to connect to. If you changed it by accident like I did just search for a base64 converter and change it back.. Have fun!!

  5. excellent vid but i dont know why people dont just use …teamviewer .. as long as your desktop sharing is set up theres no need to do any thing as long as both pc's have teamviewer installed it just works on just about any os to os without all the ip address stuff, you dont need to do any router stuff either, it just works and you can even put it on your smart phone, but dont pay for the app on phone, down load it and chose …for personal use on pc or phone,i use it to check out what my cctv is seeing off my desk top, no need for ip camera then… easy

  6. After hours of googling and getting the runaround with vncserver and messing with .vnc/xstartup, I found this video and it just works! 16.04 LTS

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