Download video tutorial How To backup Emmc file – Pada artikel ini kami membagikan sebuah video tutorial yaitu How To […]

succes repair dead boot mode emmc on i8262 and update firmware emmc with other emmc firmware tested 100% change emmc firmware from KML7X000HM to KLM8G1WEMB-B011 then write Dump 512Mb should be OK then reFlash it with Repair Firmware 4 files + pit

Video showing the process of how we do chip off data recovery on android phones.If you need this service feel free to reach out to us at We’re located in Canada and offer mail in service.

How to repair a dead Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 by eMMC replacement method This video demonstrate how to replace eMMC chip, repair EFS and repair imei of a dead Samsung Galaxy Note 1 N7000. Flash chip detected as 0B in riffbox JTAG and eMMC controller init failure in easy jtag box before eMMC replacement process.…