How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver

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How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver

Download video tutorial How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver – Sebagai seseorang yang yang kesehariannya tidak lepas dari perangkat IT atau juga berkecimpung di bidang IT atau tehnik, tetunya pasti pernah menjumpai sebuah kerusakan atau error pada perangkat yang sedang Anda gunakan, baik itu pada bagian hardware maupun pada software. Dengan masalah tersebut tentunya akan sangat menganggu pekerjaan Anda. Untuk mengatasi kerusakan, Anda bisa meminta bantuan tenaga ahli atau juga bisa dilakukan oleh Anda sendiri.
Untuk masalah tutorial perbaikannya Anda tidak perlu khawatir karena untuk jaman sekarang ini sangat mudah untuk anda dapatkan secara online baik itu dari website-website, youtube atau dengan mengunjungi website ini Tutorial Tehnik
Untuk postingan ini kami membagikan sebuah video tutorial yaitu How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver yang pada saat ini mungkin saja sedang anda butuhkan. Untuk video How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver ini bisa Anda tonton secara online melalui halaman ini atau juga bisa Anda download sehingga bisa Anda tonton lagi dikemudian hari tanpa harus menonton secara online lagi.

Deskripsi video :
How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver In this tutorial learn how to set up a WordPress site locally for editing in Dreamweaver. Learn how to install a local server (MAMP) set up a database, import your own content and then set up Dreamweaver to test the WordPress site locally.

Links you’ll need:

Example site:

Tip: In Dreamweaver, turn off Display External Files for faster performance.

Additional tutorials will dive more into theming and customizing a WordPress site in Dreamweaver.
Selain nonton video How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver ini secara online, Anda juga bisa menyimpan video atau film ini sebagai koleksi video di komputer atau gadget Anda dengan cara mengunduh atau mendownload file videonya secara langsung melalui link download yang sudah kami sediakan berikut ini

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Silahkan temukan juga koleksi video tutorial lainnya hanya di Tutorial Tehnik. Anda juga bisa mencari video favorit Anda melalui tombol pencarian

50 thoughts on “How to Set Up WordPress in Dreamweaver

  1. quick question, i'm building a site with Themify, can i build and edit that in DW ?

    Themify has modules for text and images you drag and drop so not sure how that will work with DW ?

  2. ROFL "I can always upload it to that remote server" NO YOU FUCKING CAN'T. You don't have the databases so your tables are all messed up, your links are all messed up too and NOTHING works on the site. What a load of crap.

    You've just took all the easy steps that makes it look legit and then left out all the most critical (and hard) steps of connecting a wordpress site with dreamweaver.

  3. Hi Paul, I've followed this video and only one thing is not very very clear. Once I have created the site in WordPress DreamWeaver Site, how to get it on the Live WordPress Site. I do not see the html file in the WordPress DreamWeaver Site.

    I did the WordPress DreamWeaver Site without having an existing Live WordPress Site. But I did open up WordPress in HostGator once I was ready to upload site.

    The next question is pages. How do I create separate pages in DreamWeaver for the WordPress site? A little confused on that as well.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! Does anyone know what happens if the world press theme I used to modify is updated? Will I have problems with my created theme? Exporting and Importing the file am I creating a child theme or just modifying the parent?

  5. Great video, the ending instructions did not work for me though. It wouldn't seem to save a server and, depending on what I did, would either tell me I needed a testing folder or need to preview from a local source–either way, it didn't work. Any advice?

  6. hi I got a problem Dynamically-related files could not be resolved that text shows up

    but design and view works and HTML shows up

    I have changed wordpress permalinks to plain still that text shows up

    please advice what can be wrong?

  7. Thanks for this. I have been struggling with this process and have gotten the server set up and the site named and configured. I get stumped with the dynamically-related files "Discover" button. I set the permalinks to the first choice which I believe to be the default, but that did not solve the problem. Now I wonder if I need to do that export/import thing that you rushed me through. Can you elaborate on what you were exporting and where you were importing it to? Not clear. Also any help with the dynamically-related files?

  8. This is more about how to setup wordpress localy, the part where you conncect it to dreamweaver is really rushed and not useful for someone who never tried that before

  9. What are you opening in Dreamweaver to start with? The video has you ALREADY in dreamweaver. Thus, I'm getting confused as to if I'm starting a new site and creating a new directory, pointing to the wordpress directory, or what.
    You skipped that step entirely and it's causing a bit of confusion.

    Followed everything perfectly but what the hell am i doing when I FIRST open Dreamweaver??

  10. hello!! ı want to ask that is that normal mb limit for importing. ı have another web site and ı want to work that in local host but ı cant. that import 29 mb but its limits me 3 mb how can ı ıt make work?

  11. please help. closed mamp, tried to revist my wordpress site to no avail. it's there in the database still. it jsut wont connect anymore. says connection not found. please someone help

  12. Paul, (Howdy!) your post of Jan. 9, 2014 is great. I've tried a few other authors here in YouTube about a 2018 question for working with MAMP/Wordpress/Dreamweaver.

    Mostly I've figured out what I need to do (including updating my PHP to 7.1 via the Terminal – first time for that!) BTW, The site in question experienced a serious "crash" via the "Error 503". After many hours back and forth with my server CSR, I reinstalled WP on line and am now rebuilding it from scratch. The only version of the old site is saved in my desktop. (My goal is to "open" the old site in Dreamweaver to discover the hours of many lines of CSS built into the old site and copy them into the new one manually.) When I finished the WP copy into the MAMP folder, established a database (successfully), I try to launch the page via MAMP and get this

    The requested URL/index.php was not found on this server

    I've looked carefully and its there. Just so frustrated after so many hours of reading, viewing tutorials. No one is addressing the installation of a downloaded (FTP) version of WP into the LocalHost environment. May I try to contact you outside of this public forum?

  13. Go to
    LuckyWabbitWebDesign, his Youtube videos are awesome and clear..
    This dude Paul doesn't even have the respect to come down off his high horse and try and help those who are having problems.

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