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How To Find A Vacuum Leak – EricTheCarGuy

Download video tutorial How To Find A Vacuum Leak – EricTheCarGuy – Sebagai seseorang yang yang kesehariannya tidak lepas dari perangkat IT atau juga berkecimpung di bidang IT atau tehnik, tetunya pasti pernah menjumpai sebuah kerusakan atau error pada perangkat yang sedang Anda gunakan, baik itu pada bagian hardware maupun pada software. Dengan masalah tersebut tentunya akan sangat menganggu pekerjaan Anda. Untuk mengatasi kerusakan, Anda bisa meminta bantuan tenaga ahli atau juga bisa dilakukan oleh Anda sendiri.
Untuk masalah tutorial perbaikannya Anda tidak perlu khawatir karena untuk jaman sekarang ini sangat mudah untuk anda dapatkan secara online baik itu dari website-website, youtube atau dengan mengunjungi website ini Tutorial Tehnik
Untuk postingan ini kami membagikan sebuah video tutorial yaitu How To Find A Vacuum Leak – EricTheCarGuy yang pada saat ini mungkin saja sedang anda butuhkan. Untuk video How To Find A Vacuum Leak – EricTheCarGuy ini bisa Anda tonton secara online melalui halaman ini atau juga bisa Anda download sehingga bisa Anda tonton lagi dikemudian hari tanpa harus menonton secara online lagi.

Deskripsi video :
How To Find A Vacuum Leak – EricTheCarGuy Vacuum leaks are one of the biggest causes of engine performance problems. This video is pretty straight forward in it’s approach to finding a vacuum leak. On thing I might mention is that not all vacuum leaks are at the engine. Some HVAC systems run on engine vacuum and can cause a leak under the dash in some cases. I’ve even seen vacuum operated door locks. Just be sure to be careful spraying flammable stuff on a hot engine, you don’t want to take one problem and make it a whole lot worse. You can also use a spray bottle with water to do this same test. It may not be as effective, but you don’t have to worry about spraying a flammable substance on a hot engine.

For more information on diagnosing engine performance issues, check out this article I wrote.

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50 thoughts on “How To Find A Vacuum Leak – EricTheCarGuy

  1. My car sounds like Harley motorcycle ( 91Caddilac4.9DeVille ) they said it's the exhaust gasket but my guestion how does it pass smog but the other guy failed it though if the car shake & sounds like Harley Davidson is that an issue though ?

  2. Back in the day I was a fleet mechanic for a large logging COMPANY. Students from a well known trade school 6,week prior to completing the program they would spend a week in a actual shop with mechanics. I would get like 6 at a time. Anyway I was checking for a vacuum leak in a crew bus (Dodge van) I use water in a spray bottle. Spray the area you can see the water get sucked in at the leak the engine idle will also stumble when the leak is found . The students asked me why I didn't use carb cleaner . I explained the thing about fire but also as a kid my cousin was a firefighter told a story about a mechanic checking for a vacuum leak where somehow the can of carb cleaner exploded in the mechanics hand. He lost fingers from his burns. Their teacher taught them to use carb cleaner. Anyhow a couple years later one of those students came to visit me. He wore those gloves that burn Victims wear and a hood over his face. He told me when the can exploded in his hands he thought of our talk. I to used carb cleaner rarely. In the field if water wasn't available. But not since then. WATER IN A SPRAY BOTTLE. DOESN'T EXPLODE IT DOESN'T CAUSE FIRES ITS CHEAP AND SAFE

  3. I've posted this comment on other videos but hopefully it will help someone. My defroster was stuck in the on position which was due to a vacuum leak. The leak was in the small vacuum line that passes by the transmission dipstick handle. The embossed letters "TRANSMISSION" on the handle has sharp corners and over time wore a hole in the vacuum line where it touched. It was just by luck I found the leak as it was on the hidden backside of the hose. I felt it but never saw it. I taped over it and it worked again

  4. Hi Eric, I drive an 2006 nissan pathfinder, and I replaced my valve covers , put everything back, and noticed that my pedal was all the way down, had very minimal breaking, minimal! it was hard to come to a stop, and my pedal would not go down after restarting the pathfinder. I spray soapy water on the vacuum hose, no bubbles, I check the booster valve, it held pressure when i blew in to the check valve connected to the vacuum hose. Can assume the that it is the brake booster? thank you.

  5. I have a low idle when car is warm and I come to a stop it will drop very low around 200 rpm sometimes it will stall (rare), only get a code for the egr, I replaced it and still the same thing, I cleaned AICV, TPS, fuel injectors and replaced spark plugs. I also removed the catalytic converter just to test it and still no change, the only time the car wont have low idle is if i unplug the O2 sensor the one in the exhaust manifold righ, car has 170,000 and still running strong, if you guys can help I would really appreciate it.

  6. Very helpful video, I am going to buy a 2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 L 4X4 Glad that I watched your video. Now I am ready to tackle this kind of problem if I ever have this Issue.

  7. I've got a old school tech for the vacuum leak test. Start engine, use shaving cream instead of flammables, this will instead of raising idle drop idle. Same basic idea but no fire hazard and you will see the foam get pulled into the hole. Dirty dirty

  8. I have a P0420 code. I replaced Both the O2 Sensors. I have a kia spectra 2006
    Reset the codes. Still the code comes back after driving for a while.
    What should be the next step to diagnose the actual problem before I finally change the catalytic converter.

  9. I have an 05 Crown Vic I heard hissing coming from the exhaust pipe past the first cat I cut those bolts off tightening the hissing has stopped it's still running like crap poor acceleration sometimes stalls when I after I'm stopped I don't know if it's a vacuum leak is an exhaust leak considered a vacuum leak Should I reset my ECU after tightening that exhaust pipe would that help thanks if anybody knows

  10. Erik you are the man. But this video I will have to comment and say that considering the cost/effectiveness/safety of finding leaks using carb cleaner vrs propane, you use propane everyday every time man! It's cheap. It's most effective and its the safest way to do. Liquid fuel makes fires. Gas just goes POOF!

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