How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines)

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How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines)

Download video tutorial How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines) – Sebagai seseorang yang yang kesehariannya tidak lepas dari perangkat IT atau juga berkecimpung di bidang IT atau tehnik, tetunya pasti pernah menjumpai sebuah kerusakan atau error pada perangkat yang sedang Anda gunakan, baik itu pada bagian hardware maupun pada software. Dengan masalah tersebut tentunya akan sangat menganggu pekerjaan Anda. Untuk mengatasi kerusakan, Anda bisa meminta bantuan tenaga ahli atau juga bisa dilakukan oleh Anda sendiri.
Untuk masalah tutorial perbaikannya Anda tidak perlu khawatir karena untuk jaman sekarang ini sangat mudah untuk anda dapatkan secara online baik itu dari website-website, youtube atau dengan mengunjungi website ini Tutorial Tehnik
Untuk postingan ini kami membagikan sebuah video tutorial yaitu How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines) yang pada saat ini mungkin saja sedang anda butuhkan. Untuk video How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines) ini bisa Anda tonton secara online melalui halaman ini atau juga bisa Anda download sehingga bisa Anda tonton lagi dikemudian hari tanpa harus menonton secara online lagi.

Deskripsi video :
How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines) How to dual boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X natively, without using virtual machines.

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### How to install wifi drivers (get wifi to work) ###
Got to my site,, and scroll down until you see Install Mac Wifi Drivers on Kali. Click it, and wait for it to download. Then, extract it, and view the instructions.txt inside for instructions.
For manual instructions, visit

### How to select between OSes at startup ###
To do this, you will need to install rEFInd. You can watch a video on how to do this here: You may need to mount your main drive in recovery mode, which can be done from the disk utility app.
You can also go to rEFInd’s official site,, for instructions.
rEFInd download page:

If you have any questions, please send me an email or drop a comment down below and I’ll try to respond as fast as I can.
Contact information is available on my website.

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50 thoughts on “How to Dual Boot Kali Linux with Mac OS X (no virtual machines)

  1. unfortunately I have a problem. I followed all the steps and even downloaded the missing file and did everything as needed to be done. but the error appears along with a red background saying "Debootstrap Error" – at step install the base system. failed to determine the codename for the release.

  2. Unfortunately, It did not work for me, I ended up having just freaking black screen asking me my username and password but I it does not show any thing after that. I'm just so so fucking desperate

  3. Hi, good video. I have a problem. I do it all step correctly, but when i reboot de macbook and press option key. Appears the booteable usb its name is EFI Boot, i click it, but the macbook its freezing and donts work. I hace a unibody macbook late 2009.

  4. Hey man i did everything but when I turned on the laptop it's different from urs like there's no mozilla or anything in there but i can still sign in. To my root account please help

  5. so here is what I got:

    Copying File To Needed Location…
    Converting The ISO To IMG…
    Reading Master Boot Record (MBR : 0)…
    Reading Kali Live (Apple_ISO : 1)…
    Reading (Windows_NTFS_Hidden : 2)…
    Reading (DOS_FAT_12 : 3)…
    Elapsed Time: 1m 51.187s
    Speed: 26.4Mbytes/sec
    Savings: 0.0%
    created: /Applications/Bootable Drive
    Unmounting The Disk…
    Unmount of all volumes on disk2 was successful
    Creating The Bootable Drive (This May Take A Long Time)…

    Process Finished.

    PS. I like to create a "Creating The Bootable Drive (This May Take A Long Time)." how i do that?
    my knowlege is limited to terminal, I do have the will to learn it but my brains saids STOP.

  6. HI thank you for this video.i m a newbie. i have been trying on this, and i used the one with GUI, not sure how to use it tho. i keep getting report when i chose B: hdiutil: convert failed – image not recognized. what should i do?


  7. bro pls help me i m having a problem when bootin in refind i have a wifislax bootable usb but when i turn on my mac onto refind i find the usb but when i log ito it it show s me an error message that says that it failed to boot because apple firmware does not support legacy os bootin

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