How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme

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How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme

Download video tutorial How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme – Sebagai seseorang yang yang kesehariannya tidak lepas dari perangkat IT atau juga berkecimpung di bidang IT atau tehnik, tetunya pasti pernah menjumpai sebuah kerusakan atau error pada perangkat yang sedang Anda gunakan, baik itu pada bagian hardware maupun pada software. Dengan masalah tersebut tentunya akan sangat menganggu pekerjaan Anda. Untuk mengatasi kerusakan, Anda bisa meminta bantuan tenaga ahli atau juga bisa dilakukan oleh Anda sendiri.
Untuk masalah tutorial perbaikannya Anda tidak perlu khawatir karena untuk jaman sekarang ini sangat mudah untuk anda dapatkan secara online baik itu dari website-website, youtube atau dengan mengunjungi website ini Tutorial Tehnik
Untuk postingan ini kami membagikan sebuah video tutorial yaitu How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme yang pada saat ini mungkin saja sedang anda butuhkan. Untuk video How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme ini bisa Anda tonton secara online melalui halaman ini atau juga bisa Anda download sehingga bisa Anda tonton lagi dikemudian hari tanpa harus menonton secara online lagi.

Deskripsi video :
How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme NEW TUTORIAL AVAIALBLE:
Create an amazing website using the Divi theme! In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a website using the Divi Theme. An amazing theme that contains a front end editor that makes creating websites easier and faster than ever before!

Demo Website:
Demo Files:

First I will show you how to get a domain name and webhosting. After getting that I will show you how to install and configure WordPress and get the Divi theme. After installing the Divi theme we will create the homepage using the Divi Builder.

The Divi builder is a front end editor that shows the result of your editing immediately. The Divi Builder works with Sections. In those sections you can place rows. Rows can have different amount of columns, and in those columns you can place modules. Modules like images, gallery, text, counter, contact form and more. Using Sections, Rows and Modules you can create your website with ease and save a lot of time im comparison with other themes and builders and editors.

Divi also has the possibility to import premade pages with a few clicks. That is a real timesaver! So just look at what kind of page you want to create, import a page like that and adjust it.

Besides the Divi theme you will get access to 80 other themes and a few amazing plugins! You can use the themes and plugins on unlimited websites and even can pay a one time fee so you can use all the themes and plugins inlimited times for the rest of your life! A great choice for webbuilders!

Overview with Timestamps:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:17 What we will make
00:07:12 Get A Domain and Webhosting
00:10:37 Install WordPress
00:11:54 Optimize the urls for Search Engines
00:13:07 Change your username display
00:13:49 Clean up your WordPress website
00:14:42 Get the Divi Theme
00:16:24 Download and install Divi
00:17:37 Use your API key for automatic updates
00:18:24 Download the images I use in the video
00:19:16 Create Pages
00:21:17 Create A Menu
00:25:00 Change the Homepage settings

Create The Homepage Using Divi
00:25:48 Enable the Visual Builder of Divi
00:26:17 How Does The Visual Builder Work?
00:28:14 Create A Fullwidth Slider
00:37:37 Create a Services Section
00:42:25 Add an animation to a module
00:43:05 Create A Why Choose Us Section
00:45:11 Add Custom CSS to your module
00:47:40 Create A Who We Work For Section

Import Pages and Sections
00:49:52 Import a pre build page
00:51:37 Export a section as a template

Divi Theme Settings and Customizations
00:55:24 The Divi Theme Options / Upload a logo
00:56:12 The Divi Custom Colors
00:56:51 Add Social Media Links

The Them Customizer
00:57:53 The Them Customizer
00:58:59 Add a Site Icon
00:59:22 Change The size of the website and the boxed layout option
01:00:16 Adjust the website gutter width
01:01:26 Change the theme accent color
01:01:42 Typography
01:05:01 Change the menu appearance
01:10:59 Add and configure the top bar
01:12:52 The Footer Settings

The About Page
01:16:00:22 Create the about page
01:16:37:16 Import a premade page
01:18:16:19 Create a video background
01:19:50:17 Adjust the premade page
01:21:44:13 The Bar Counters Module

The Blogpage
01:27:13 Create a blogpost
01:28:00 Headers and Paragraphs explained
01:31:28 Style the text
01:32:11 Add an image
01:33:52 Add more modules to your blogpost
01:36:46 Add categories to your blogpost
01:37:25 Select a featured image
01:38:02 Create a blogpost using the WordPress editor
01:41:44 Change the publishing date
01:42:52 Change the blogpost view
01:47:01 Add a custom excerpt
01:49:33 Add a comment to a blogpost

The Sidebar
01:50:16 Add sidebar widgets
01:51:16 Add the Facebook Likebox widget

Latest Project/Portfolio Page
01:53:48 Add a portfolio item
01:59:56 Save the portfolio item page as a template
02:03:49 Import the Portfolio page
02:12:21 Add custom CSS to the portfolio page

02:15:33 Finish the homepage
02:20:38 Add the footer (and footer widgets)
02:24:08 Create the services page
02:29:36 Create a contact form
02:32:10 Create the contact page
02:36:41 Create a Google Api key for Google Maps
Selain nonton video How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme ini secara online, Anda juga bisa menyimpan video atau film ini sebagai koleksi video di komputer atau gadget Anda dengan cara mengunduh atau mendownload file videonya secara langsung melalui link download yang sudah kami sediakan berikut ini

Link Download Video


Silahkan temukan juga koleksi video tutorial lainnya hanya di Tutorial Tehnik. Anda juga bisa mencari video favorit Anda melalui tombol pencarian

50 thoughts on “How To Create A WordPress Website 2018 | Divi Theme

  1. Definitely the best Divi TUT I have come across, I have bought the life time package and it was just sitting there for 4 months unused… Your video gave me the push I needed, I can't thank you enough!

  2. Hi Ferdy. I have watched both elementor and divi tutorial and now I’m confused which one to buy. For someone who doesn’t have any web design background which one would you recommend? Thanks

  3. Hi Ferdy, (here from Chile, sorry my English 😉 I have a problem with the name of my pages on divi (SLUG) , i can´t change slug name. All my new page are asigned (-2) , example: newpage = newpage-2 , i dont want have -2, understand me? Thanks Very Much !

  4. I have a client & I Got him setup with a server and got his domain secured through godaddy but my problem is I setup my WordPress through the & I wanted to setup through so I could use the elegant themes for free but how do you switch it to do I have to go through the process again & restart everything?

    I’ve been messaging all 3 companies & nothing has really helped & I just think I need someone to talk me through the process if possible.

    I’m 17 years old & I really don’t want to mess up on my first job
    I took all the videos on how to do it step by step but I’m confused on what exactly I should do I would really appreciate if anyone has a solution. Thanks!

  5. very good video! I visited the webpage you build in the movie and it became a bit strange when you look through a phone. The text on Picture two in the slide show disappears from the screen and a text further down flows together. Can you optimize it better for your mobile? Sincerely

  6. Hey Ferdy! Wat een waanzinnig goede tutorial zeg! Ik heb er erg veel aan, en wat fijn dat je jouw kennis wilt delen. Ik heb echter wel een vraag over het contactformulier, ik krijg het niet voor elkaar invulvelden naast elkaar te zetten. Maar daar ga jij mij vast op antwoorden! Alvast bedankt!

  7. Hello Ferdy can you elaborate heading such as H1 H2 H3 H4 in divi? I have tried divi, but something feels odd, every module has its own h1,h2,h3 settings, and it is not centralized. Is it common in divi? From my understanding, H1 is always use once every page for the top header. In reality, every module has its own h1, h2, h3. So, there will be a lot of h1 settings if every module use h1

  8. Hey Ferdy ,

    Very informative tutorial . it is awesome…. 🙂

    I have one query . I am creating Blog post …I can change or edit post font n all … But not able to edit Widgets option…like want to change Recent Post, Comment's format . Please suggest

  9. Ferdy I am truly grateful for this tutorial, I have worked throughout and I finished it but my CTA button do not link anywhere. Any idea how to solve the problem I have looked around the web for posible answers or help without any success. Please if you know how to sort it please let me know. I even when back to the contact form and try to correct but apparently everything was entered as guided.
    Many thanks and have a great day!

  10. Hello Ferdy, Thanks in advance for your amazing tutorial. I really appreciate your effort to help our community. I am starting with Divi theme and I have a problem with the visual builder. it is taking too much time to load. in the end, it does not load, could you please give me an idea of what is the probable reason for this issue?

  11. Hi Ferdy! When using the visual editor, the plus signs come up but they don't give me the window (like "Blurb Settings") when I hover over it. Even clicking doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fix this?! It's driving me crazy!

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