How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!)

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How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!)

Download video tutorial How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!) – Sebagai seseorang yang yang kesehariannya tidak lepas dari perangkat IT atau juga berkecimpung di bidang IT atau tehnik, tetunya pasti pernah menjumpai sebuah kerusakan atau error pada perangkat yang sedang Anda gunakan, baik itu pada bagian hardware maupun pada software. Dengan masalah tersebut tentunya akan sangat menganggu pekerjaan Anda. Untuk mengatasi kerusakan, Anda bisa meminta bantuan tenaga ahli atau juga bisa dilakukan oleh Anda sendiri.
Untuk masalah tutorial perbaikannya Anda tidak perlu khawatir karena untuk jaman sekarang ini sangat mudah untuk anda dapatkan secara online baik itu dari website-website, youtube atau dengan mengunjungi website ini Tutorial Tehnik
Untuk postingan ini kami membagikan sebuah video tutorial yaitu How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!) yang pada saat ini mungkin saja sedang anda butuhkan. Untuk video How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!) ini bisa Anda tonton secara online melalui halaman ini atau juga bisa Anda download sehingga bisa Anda tonton lagi dikemudian hari tanpa harus menonton secara online lagi.

Deskripsi video :
How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!) Free help, tips, & tutorials

How to Change and Install WordPress Themes In this short video you’ll learn how to change and install a new WordPress theme, and also learn some things you need to know before you do change WordPress themes.

If you’ve ever used WordPress, then you most likely have switched themes at least once. If this is your first time, then you’ll get even more from this WordPress tutorial how to video.

WordPress makes it really effortless for you to change themes. It is just a couple of clicks and you’re done. But, just picking a new WordPress theme and clicking activate is not the best way to change themes if your current site has any content. You need to know not only how to change a WordPress theme, but what things need to be done BEFORE you change your theme in WordPress.

In this short video, I’ll not only show you how to change and install WordPress themes, but I’ll also go over a checklist of things that you should do before changing your WordPress theme.

These action steps are vital to ensure the procedure goes without a hitch, otherwise you can easily end up losing components of your site that you did not intend to lose.
Then I’ll walk you step by step through the process of changing your WordPress theme and show you how to install and activate a new WordPress theme. Then if you need to fine tune your new look site, I’ll give you a few pointers on how to edit your new WordPress theme. WordPress sites allow you to upload themes that you buy or find free WordPress themes online through the WordPress dashboard. There are many, many WordPress themes you can find online, or using a search for free WordPress themes on Google or one of the other search engines.

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Installing new WordPress themes is a snap in the WP admin window. Uploading a new WordPress theme can also be done using FTP. Either way, once you learn how to install WordPress themes, it is a simple process. Then you can activate your new WordPress theme and have brand new look for your WP website. Just remember to lok at the checklist in this video, especially if you are changing and installing a new WordPress theme on a site that a lot of content and/or customizations. Do that, and have fun!

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Watch this WordPress tutorial using the Twenty Twelve theme, made for beginners:

My newest WordPress tutorial video training, meant for beginners (using the Twenty Fourteen theme):

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39 thoughts on “How to Change and Install WordPress Themes (and Things You NEED to Know Before You Change Themes!)

  1. I do have a video planned (after I get my next long WP tutorial done, this will be next) that will show things like doing easy coding changes and customizations with the TwentyTwelve theme.

  2. …and thanks for your kind words, much appreciated!….I understand what you are saying, I think it's because there are so many themes, it'd be hard to show particular changes you'd have to make….but my video that I have planned will delve into doing easy CSS changes, etc.

  3. Hi Zeeshan,

    Do you mean does Google delete a Blogger blog? Did you have a Blogger blog deleted?

    That sort of thing can happen if you try to promote too much….I know WordPress ; com will delete your blog if you try to promote affiliate links, etc

  4. Thanks for the advice Rhonda….it's a balance between perhaps going too fast, and having your viewers get bored…….attention spans of many viewers is like–as I heard someone say once– a squirrel crazy dog…..SQUIRREL! (if you've ever watched UP you'll know what I mean :)….I will take your advice to heart though, esp. the part about pretending I'm talking to a 10 yr old…thanks…let me know if you have any questions, I'll try to help.

  5. Hi Shaika, all versions have the "Manage Themes" & "Install Themes" tabs on the top of the page–go to Appearance–>themes….are you using WordPress;com, maybe that's why.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  6. Hi Paola!

    WordPress;com doesn't have the same dashbaord, etc….if you can't see Manage themes & Install themes when you go to Appearance–>themes, then you aren't using the self-hosted wordpress;org.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  7. I can understand about being new to WP, I was there once too……it may be better for you to watch my complete tutorial on WP–look on my channel–"Beginners WordPress Tutorial"…hope that helps. 🙂

  8. Hi Mike excellent tutorial, simple and to the point.  
    And just to highlight what you said, the tutorial is for, for people who have their own paid for domain name, not the free blogging site
    Keep up the good work Mike.

  9. I have intsalled my own customized theme to wordpress like you shown but the live appreance was shown only few menus from my theme rather than completed site.

  10. By the way, I tried a Genesis theme and got so frustrated trying to make it work.  Looks like you have to be a programmer to use one of them.  They refunded me my money luckily!  

    What theme would you recommend that has outstanding built in SEO?



  11. at 6:22 where you are previewing the new theme and notice that there is a lot of code from your other website.. that's currently whats happening with me and my theme switch and i absolutely cannot figure out how to get it to look normal! do you have any idea how to reconfigure that?? i don't even know where to begin!

  12. Mike I changed my theme on my wordpress site from Vantage to Ares theme. I am not familiar at all with web design thought I could save no ey and do it myself. Well didn't know about what to check before changing my theme but did back it up. Now I am missing plugins and widgets and now my pages look different and I don't know what to. I would like to get it up and running and remove the under construction mode. P!ease help. Any videos for my mess up?

    I just changed my theme without knowing that my blogs won't be shown on the home page of my new theme. I am currently using "Button". It is a free theme. Can I get the blogs I have written on my home page by any means???

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