Easy Day Crossing The U.S. In The Gulfstream – Pilot VLOG – 64

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Easy Day Crossing The U.S. In The Gulfstream – Pilot VLOG – 64

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Deskripsi video :
Easy Day Crossing The U.S. In The Gulfstream – Pilot VLOG – 64 Some people have had a glitch with this video, so if you have an issue seeing the video, try the following link. It is the same video with a few settings changed.


Here is the departure from Van Nuys, but we aren’t going to Florida…we’re going to New York! White Plains that is. We got two shout outs from ATC on this flight. Unfortunately, the first one was after the camera was shooting time lapse, so I missed it. The second was perfectly captured. I hope you guys enjoy!
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50 thoughts on “Easy Day Crossing The U.S. In The Gulfstream – Pilot VLOG – 64

  1. Nice video. I like the view on final with the lower left inset for the inside and the rest outside. Just seems to work for me. Thanks for all your videos. Helps me to see what my cousin sees since he flies GIVSP mostly in right seat out of VNY.

  2. Several of us FAA (Atlanta Approach), aviation-loving, airplane-flying types love the videos! Looking forward to more ground excursions in the future as well. If you guys do recurrent training in a simulator and they'd let you bring the cameras into that environment it would make for a great vid'. My best to the coolest trio in corporate aviation.

  3. Hey Shawn (sp?), big fan of this channel. Im about to start IR training at ATP (and so on through all their ratings). Id really like to get into a corporate flying gig. Do you have any recommendations? Do you think it's worth putting the time in with regionals prior?

  4. I see the old bird is finally out of maintenance and you guys are in the air again. Did you ever find out why Gulfstream called the WoW switch the 'nutcracker'? Great video as always!

  5. ATTENTION CPL SUBSCRIBERS: It appears that our favorite Gulfstream IV is finally back in the air and on to new and exciting journeys. Jon & Sean dropped it off on March 25 for some routine maintenance, required inspections and a couple cool upgrades. I'm showing it left the Gulfstream facilities in Georgia this weekend and is finally back in the air.

    Jon & Sean —stay safe up there gentlemen.
    Francine — don't let them get away with anything.

  6. Very nice flight Sean! You guys make an unbeatable flight crew. Your co-ordination in the cockpit is like a fine tuned violin! Sorry to learn Jon got some bad food. He seemed to be functioning well during the flight. Wish him well from me! Thoroughly enjoy your videos! Adios Amigos!

  7. Awesome video, and the shout outs from ATC's.!!  Noticed the mahi Shawn is holding on the ending decal..  Went out fishing yesterday in West Palm Beach, caught a bunch of mahi just like that one.!!  Spring migration in S Florida. !

  8. Mooney driver here….Great videos…always pick up something to improve my wife( pilot) and my cockpit resource management….
    Thank you… appreciate your hard work in making these v logs.

  9. You guys were flying around the west like regular commercial pilots today. What was it like 4-5 flights then back to LAS? Hope you filmed MCO to LAS from the other day!!

  10. Enjoy your videos. I was wondering what the inverted numbers 1,2,3,4 mean from your right seat window looking towards the wing? Greetings from Brussels Belgium.

  11. Is anyone else having trouble watching this one? On my phone and tablet I'll get 5 seconds of video then buffering (on WiFi and with mobile data) and my smart TV point blankly refuses to play it! Can watch other uploads from CPL and other uploaders with no issue. It's strange.

  12. Sorry if this is somewhere else in the comments but…..I think you were on the Hayez Seven departure except your clearance included an altitude of 6000. Does that mean follow the LNAV but ignore the VNAV and climb to 6000 until you get further climb instructions from ATC? Love the videos by the way.

  13. The quick frequency change was probably due to a sector being split that is usually combined up, or had just been opened. The tracon may have just used the frequency that was in use when the sectors were combined.

  14. Just noticed you have your thumb on the middle of the stick. Are you pressing the horn? And if you are flying at 300 Knots, does the sound of the horn go at the speed of sound plus 300 knots? And what happens to the sound if you have a tailwind of 100 knots? TCAS has nothing on a horn if you are a pedestrian innocently walking your dog and somebody violates airspace. Particularly if the sound is traveling at 1000 knots.

  15. Shawn ! could you give us more info on the about us page, such as who you fly for, are you always taking passengers in these
    videos ,your home base,how long you have been flying, I believe people would like to know more about you two.I love these
    videos and you guys, I always wanted to do this but had to give it all up as i became an Insulin dependent diabetic.
    Thank's again

  16. I went to a Mexican restaurant. The owner sees that I am new. He asks me what I would like. I asked him what was good. He told me that he knew and went into the kitchen. 2 minutes later, he came back with a combination platter. It was good. The next morning, I woke up and needed to run to the bathroom. I had the worst gastroenteritis imaginable. When a restaurant server/owner comes back to your table after only 2 minutes with your food, don’t walk; Run as far as possible!

  17. Finally got the chance to watch this beaut. Great job as always. Question, when you go through your landing checklist you're called to look at the circuit breakers and you both look back and look at the other side. Shouldn't an open breaker show up on the Master Alarm, at least?

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