Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

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Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

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Deskripsi video :
TFC-Flight Training Centre:

Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel. Today´s topic is one of the most ask passenger question, “Can a passenger land a plane?”. There are so many rumours about this question, it´s just not true.

So a few facts. My friend Carolin, has no connection to the aviation world besides from flying to holiday once in a while, obviously as a passenger.
Now as soon as she sat down, the hardest part was establishing a communication between her and me, the ATC controller. Carolin was totally overwhelmed with all the switches and buttons, that it took nearly 20 minutes to find the push to talk button. In a real-life situation, if a plane does not respond within 20 minutes, fighter jets will be on their way intercepting the aeroplane as it causes a potential threat to national security, depending which land you´re flying across.

Once communication was established, I had to give her instructions on how to set up the approach phase for an automatic landing, better known as AUTOLAND procedure. The AUTOLAND allows pilots to perform a fully automated landing in bad visual conditions, known as CAT3 approaches. More about that in future videos.
Once the approach set up was completed, I had to give her instructions to familiarize with important levers and switches, such as the landing gear lever, the flaps, flight control computer and much more.
Later I guided her via radar vectors towards the airport, constantly descending and reducing the speed accordingly.

But see for yourself.

My opinion if a passenger can land a plane. I´ll be honest with you! It´s impossible! We needed three attempts to just establish basic communication and Carolin accidentally brought the aircraft into a stall. Don´t ask how!
And she was pretty nervous, although she knew it was a simulator. Imagine the anxiety in a real plane!?

I know that there are many videos out there where apparently the passenger landed the plane, but all of the passengers had some kind of flying background. And the likelihood of both pilots being incapacitated is very unlikely.

BIG THANK YOU TO TFC KÄUFER for making this video possible
such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator, here a few more facts about the used simulation:
Scenery ORBX
A320 Flightsimlabs
Simulator Prepar3D v4.1

I hope you enjoyed this video and where able to learn something from it as well.

Thanks for watching, all the best your “Captain” Joe

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50 thoughts on “Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

  1. I am going to make it a point to learn how to fly this with a simulator, just in case this scenario arises – Flight attendant raising her hand "Excuse me. Does anyone know how to fly an airplane" I can then say "Why yes, I can fly this plane" and be the hero of the story.

  2. Hmmm, actually she DID land the plane. If there's enough time in the air to explain everything and get a step-by-step manual by the remote co-pilot it seems possible if the weather is calm, isn't it?

  3. I disagree with Captain Joe; if you stay calm and follow the instructions, you can make the plane land itself. And, yeah, watching the videos of real pilots,doing this is helpful because you at least know where the revelation controls are, like the autopilot controls. As I watched her fumble through the controls, I was saying, “It’s right there!”might be arrogant of me but I could have landed that A300-series jet following Captain Joe’s instructions and some weren’t all clear.

  4. Why does it take ATC so long to find a qualified instructor for the model the passenger is flying. Airlines should practice this on real flights from time to time. Statistically, is there usually a passenger on board with some experience?

  5. I think you just demonstrated that anyone who can remain calm and follow instructions can be talked down, but it's not as easy as sme people think and the attitude of the person is very important, although it's not a recommended activity.

  6. Most of the newer planes have complete remote control so a pilot on the ground can take over and fly the plane without anyone at all taking part in the cockpit. You, as a passenger, would not be likely to be doing this unless it is in an older plane.

  7. you are so amazing Joe, i passed twice the exam to become a pilot but the schools required like 80K USD to attend for an ATPL course (18 months), im an active pilot on my simulator and its my passion of life, im 35, please give me advises on how and where to become finally a pilot. many thanks.

  8. If it took 20 minutes to just establish contact and which button to push to be able to communicate, I would have liked to have seen that. Now I know some of the most basic instructions to get into auto pilot but not how to reach ground control. I feel like I need to find another video to have some closure.

  9. I was nervous just watching that! Can't imagine how freaked out someone would be doing it in real life! OMG! I'm going to hide under my chair next time I watch one of those emergency landing movies! lol. Great idea for a vid tho! THANKS CAP'N JOE!

  10. Intense. I may be able to stay calm to do what I needed to do, but would probably pass out from the adrenaline rush when it was over & engines were off.

    Thank God for auto pilot & auto land!!!

  11. Pump her full of adrenaline for your next time , and add a bunch of people texting ,crying and praying in the background . Also add people trying to move her out of her sit as they argue that they are better suited to land the plane . Then I’ll be convinced.

  12. A bit easier when the instructions are coming from someone watching and sitting behind her. In a real flight, there is obviously the big factor of the ability to think under stress and the fact you have many other passengers on the flight. One misunderstanding, and things could escalate fast.

  13. Difficult but not impossible. Very unclear responses from Caroline when she had carried out an action – there would have needed to be a word to use to confirm the action had been fulfilled such as "check:.

  14. I understand that all those steps is the absolut safest way and does limit potential wrongful inputs from a passanger. But what is the actual minimum required inputs that needs to be done? Hope i am not wrong here. But from my understanding pilots dont use the autopilot during landings if it can be avoided as the takeoff/landings are the most dangerous part of the flight. What if the autopilot wasent reliable or broken. It may not be common but its not unheard off that pilots been told the autopilot isent working. Can a passanger still land a plane with enough guidance. All the information is displayed to the passanger. Even if they have no experiance the plane will come down 1 way or another so its not like the controller can say dont try it. Always wanted to try a simulator like that to see if i actully could do it without autopilot.

  15. As long as you don't talk to me like I'm a mental patient with that super calm voice then we could work together hehehe. The quick answer is no, we cannot land planes without aloooooooooot of proper guidance.

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